CPD Coaching

What does it mean for my business?

CPD Coaching can provide coaching for individuals or teams to help improve performance and productivity.

In the business environment coaching is about using an interactive approach, with a trusted mentor or guide to solve any issues, as well as providing motivation.

At Steve Manion Effective Training Ltd, we believe training is only effective if it leads to a better understanding of the work environment and how to achieve the desired responses from our intentions.

The coaching process involves the identification of issues and managing the expectations of time frames including a finish date.

The Process starts with the understanding that individuals are autonomous learners who are committed to continuous improvement.

Get your business on to the improvement model that is transforming businesses.

Coaching uses different methods to find the tools that will help students to become responsive practitioners. Students can then reflect on their practices and are able to take effective action in everyday business situations.

Our approach draws heavily on action research as well as the APICS body of Knowledge. This enables students to understand business operations as well as supply chain concepts.

These Techniques help develop the students understanding, taking into account the organisation’s culture. This provides an ongoing and sustainable framework for improvement and action. The techniques also encourages the learner to engage in “Double Loop” learning to see what has been learnt.

Coaching agreements may range from a one off sessions, to a longer programme involving ongoing support from our accredited coach. This new way of delivering business support will help your organisation to update to the latest business practices as well as take advantage of continuous improvement methodologies.

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