CLTD Certificate in Logistics Transport and Distribution




APICS‘s new Qualification CLTD explained.

From 1st October 2016 APICS has made available the new qualification Certified in Logistics Transport and distribution or CLTD.

This new course is particularly relevant in today’s fast paced world with emphasis on excellent customer service as well as effective use of resources such as capital, equipment and labour.

Modules in the CLTD course cover;

  • Logistics and the supply chain an overview of the scope of operations. Logistics covers many stages of a business’s operations and managers need to understand the scope of these operations and how they impact the company’s profitability,
  • Capacity planning and demand management looking at the demand side and the ability to meet demand,
  • Order management how customer requirements are input into our systems. This is an important stage in satisfying customer demand,
  • Inventory and warehouse management maintain the appropriate level of inventory as well as how to deploy this to meet corporate goals. Companies need to ensure that the investment in inventory is as effective as possible,
  • Transportation inbound and outbound movement of goods,
  • Global logistics looking at how to manage operations as well as conform to regulations. The problems of international trade lead to opportunities as well as risks,
  • Logistics network design facility planning and distribution network design. The substantial investment in these operations needs to be in line with the strategic focus of the company,
  • Reverse logistics is understanding the return of goods from customers.

Why Supply Chain Management Training?

The Supply Chain Management Training CLTD program allows you to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a range of supply chain logistics topics. This will set you apart from your peers showing your high level of knowledge and skills.

Why you should earn the CLTD designation

  • Allows you to gain recognition as a logistics expert
  • Allows you to build credibility in the industry and sets you apart from peers allowing better prospects for career advancement
  • You will learn the latest trends in global supply chain logistics
  • Your knowledge will impact on your employer’s bottom line

Managing logistics and supply chain operations is increasingly complex and fast paced so professionals today need to understand the technology, standards and best practices used in industry. I believe the CLTD course provides a real benefit for those in the logistics transportation and distribution industries.

APICS has long been the qualification of choice for those in inventory and production management and the new CLTD qualification is another quality offering for professionals wanting to enhance their knowledge and business skills.