Supply Chain Management Training

Supply Chain Management Training

Supply Chain Management Training is essential for managing the flow of materials and associated services into, through and out of manufacturing businesses through to consumers. Customer Service is a key focus in the planning and management of this flow. Optimising the flow for the benefit of channel partners is also of importance.

Modern businesses have to juggle a number of competing needs such as high customer service, efficient operations and low inventories. Moreover the business is part of a wider chain in transforming primary produce into consumer items. Supply Chain Management is the profession which builds and manages these chains of linked businesses.

Added to this complexity are factors such as globalisation, political changes (Brexit) and the environmental imperative as we make the supply chain more sustainable. Consumer preferences are changing and sustainability as well as corporate responsibility can be a way to gain a competitive advantage. Supply chain managers often have a holistic view of the chain and bear in mind the roles of inventory at strategic points in the supply chain.

New technologies go part of the way. Information technologies are able to process masses of data more quickly. Improved algorithms are able to optimise some aspects. The central need remains for Supply Chain Management professionals to understand the importance of the databases and how the interlink to build a profitable supply chain centred on satisfying that customer who is at the heart of the supply chain.

SMET can provide training in modern Supply Chain Management practices which are used in advanced industries such as aerospace and pharmaceuticals. These practices are relevant for many other manufacturing industries as well as useful to businesses which aid the supply chains such as service industries.

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Supply Chain Management Training in Aerospace