S&OP Training

Sales & Operations Planning Training Courses

Why Sales & Operations Planning Training?

Sales & Operations Planning Training or S&OP Training is used to improve the processes many manufacturing businesses use to perform well in the modern environment, because it ensure good customer satisfaction.

Senior management need to commit to a good planning process,while considering how it would work in the modern day workplace, hence this is crucial to the success of any business.

Why is Sales & Operations Planning Training important?

Sales & Operations Planning Training is vital as it is the fundamental backbone of the businesses ability to deliver products on time and in the right quantity, whilst managing the financial metrics of the business.

Most of all businesses must use good planning processes to manage productivity. The linkages as they are known, should be between the sales and marketing departments on the demand side, whilst considering the manufacturing and operational departments on the supply side.

What will students learn on a Sales & Operations Planning Training course?

The two-day course describes the Sales & Operations Planning process, with real life examples to engage students and ensure good training outcomes.

Students will gain a better understanding of where it fits into Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRPII).

Day one of the course is an overview of the planning & sales operation process, which allows all students to examine the factors for success in their workplace, whilst highlighting potential barriers to its success.

Sessions one will cover:

  • What is Sales & Operations Planning?
  • Who should be involved in the process?
  • Where does Sales & Operations Planning fit into MRPII?
  • How does Sales & Operations Planning fit into the business?

Day two of the course is a more in depth look at sales & operations planning, therefore it will particularly help those who spend their time preparing and analysing planning data. As a result the material is more practical and will demonstrate how to implement and manage a viable process in their own workplace.

Session two will cover:

  • The stages that need to be covered by the process.
  • A summary of the information needed for the process.
  • What are the likely outputs to the process?
  • How do we implement the process?

How will the course help students in their workplace?

At the conclusion of the course, all students will be asked to consider changes that they can make in their workplace, consequently this will ensure the course has helped students to improve their working practices, while putting into action learning that they have gained from the course.

In conclusion, our sales & operations planning course will be valuable for business seeking to implement good planning practices,  as well as companies hoping to refresh their processes. The course is grounded in real-world issues which  modern businesses face on a daily basis.